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I have a general VB.NET civil 3d question.How can I find information about civil 3d events?

I have searched the net quite a bit & can't find any info. I've looked in the object browser in VS2010 express for a project with AecBaseMgd & AeccDbMgd references into it, did a search for "event" and no events for civil 3d were returned, only autocad, etc.

Specifically, I want to handle structures in a pipe network being modified (moved, renamed, added, deleted,(& pipe connected or disconnected perhaps))

Generally, all event info (how to find it) would be usefull for future projects.


Isaac Rodriguez


The Civil 3D API does not exposes any events for Civil objects. I believe this is true of AecBaseMgd (OMF). OMF and Civil objects are quite complex with many interdependencies and use a slightly different notification system than AutoCAD to avoid circular reactors. This makes very difficult to integrate events with this notification system reliably.

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