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hello Mr.Isaac, I am interested of using the Tangent Intesection labels apply in C3D 2012, since I want to used my previously custom style in my current drawing is it still possible through VB.net?

Isaac Rodriguez


Unfortunately, I do not have the bandwidth to provide support for specific issues through this blog. It is better to seek support through the regular channels (ADN) where your request will be attended in a timely manner.

I am not sure I understand exactly what it is that you want to accomplish, but I should say that any functionality is working in 2012 should be working in later versions. Also, VB.NET is completely supported in the Civil 3D API.


Hello Mr.Isaac;
Do you plan to explain Point styles, Point groups and Description keys in the blog. I tried to create this and it works ok, but there is a problem with deleting (I can delete point style, but can't create new with same name - reports that already exist), and Point group does not accept Description property setting.

Isaac Rodriguez

Hi Robert,

I am planning to talk about Description Keys and Point Groups, so if you send me more information about your issues, I will try to cover them.

If you have some code that reproduces the problem, it would help me to research the issues you are having.

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