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Justin Ralston


The link go to a page unknown. Can you please check it out.

Justin Ralston

Jeff Mishler

I had the same problem on 1/4/12 with file not found error. Today, 1/5, it's good.

What a nice change! This is a much more usable (so far, I've just had a chance to look through it for a short time). Comments.....the Feedback link opens an email with pertinent data to identify the page, BUT, the To: line is blank....not sure where to send it. The page a was sending feedback on, the method Create for a TinSurface, has the wrong Sample for the method.....

But, this is definitely a step in the right direction! Thanks to all involved in getting this going.


Christopher Fugitt

Isaac could you do a post on what CivilWrapper is/means? It's included in the help files, and I'm looking to get a better understanding on what it means.


Isaac Rodriguez


That will be a quick post. CivilWraper is the base class for all civil 3d database object (and some other classes for convenience). It duty is to manage Unmanaged resources/objects, and it should not be used by API users.

Unfortunately, our documentation generation tools are pulling all the implementations and including them in the docs, and we are looking at ways to filter them out because they should not be part of the public interface.

Our API assembly is also showing its existance, and we are also looking at ways so that this does not happen.

You should not worry about this class and any of its implementations. Its intended for internal use, and API users should not try to use them directly.

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