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I'd be interested in a meet up to discuss the Civil 3D API.


Hi Isaac,
I am a designer for the pipe line oil sector here in Brazil.
I use the Civil 3D a few years to track designs of pipe line work because it follows the same criterion for routes.
However in the pipe line civil constructions does not meet the requirements for preparing the same, so we develop routines.
With this I wonder if there are plans to integrate this civilian area, as well as the use of GPUs at system.

Isaac Rodriguez

Hi Kelcyo,

Unfortunately, I cannot speak of future developments/features in Civil 3D.

It is good to see that people are customizing the application to their needs using the API, and I will like to here more from your experiences.


In the previous post. This case is a drawing of the ACAD, how to convert this dwg to a valid civil drawing? This programmatically?

Isaac Rodriguez

Hi Kelcyo,

There is not a way to convert an AutoCAD drawing into a Civil 3D drawing programmatically. The only wat to do it is to open the drawing in Civil 3D and save it, but it is a manual step.


Hello Isaac.
There are not many places for research on programming for Civil 3D. So I was very happy when the appearance of your blog. I also know of the existence of ADN no longer accessible to my reality yet. So I have sought information here. I can not find the API and COM and NET class that deals with the method "ImportStylesAndSettings." You could talk for we do not find documented information on this.

Isaac Rodriguez

I am happy to help. I will add your suggestion to the list.

A. Huizinga

Thanks for all the information about the Civil3D API. There is so few information about this to find on the internet, unfortunately.
As I read your blog correctly, there is no option to extract objects from surfaces via de .NET API at this moment? Only using COM?

Isaac Rodriguez

A. Huizinga,

That is correct. The functionality does not exist in the .NET API.

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