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David Smith

Oh my goodness.

I had hoped that V2012 would bring us the much needed upgrading of the A.P.I. documentation but I see now that my hopes are shattered.

This online wiki alternative for real and proper documentation feels horrible. It is slow and in takes me many more attempts at finding things that I am looking for. This does not feel like progress to me.

I have come to accept that much of the A.P.I. inspires a do-it-yourself mentality but extending that inspiration to the life-line of any development strikes me as unreasonable.

I am sure that my employer will also not be pleased if I have to invest even more time to get things done.


Isaac Rodriguez


I make sure your comments reach the appropriate person, and we will consider them in future decisions.

Aside from that, I think it is a big improvement to have the documentation on-line because it allows us to make improvements through the year an not when a new product is released. Keep in mind that this is the first time we do this kind of thing, so we are not perfect, but we will work hard to make improvements and get the latest information up there.


I'd like to ask a favor that how could I get the extents of a MgCurveString object.
I had found some information that the MgCurveString object had a member called Boundary(), but this member could not gave me the perfect extents of MgCurveSting object sometimes.
Do you have any other way to fit my problem?
Thank you very much.

Isaac Rodriguez


As stated in my initial post (http://civilizeddevelopment.typepad.com/civilized-development/2011/02/welcome-to-civilized-development.html), I cannot provide support or answer questions unrelated to the post; especially, when the question is not about the Civil 3D API.

Since MgCurveString is a Map Guide object, I do not have any experience with it. I suggest you request support from the regular ADN channels (http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/index?siteID=123112&id=723353).

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