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Great ideas for the blog. Question on sample code, pretty much all the other sources I see for C3D programming is done in VB (subassemblies, AU examples, etc), your example above is C#.

I know most full bore programmers are C# sharp guys, but most engineers I know that are programming solutions use VB (since they are familiar with VBA & VB6).

Are you going to stick with C#?

Code translators work pretty well with everything but Event handlers between the 2 languages, could you show both languages when dealing with event handlers?


Isaac Rodriguez

I am thinking about it. I know translators work fine; I've used them in the past for some of my classes. It is more about how much needs to be translated. Which are the important pieces that will need translation for illustration.

Now, you can still work in VB.NET using the library (once there is any functionality there).

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