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Also, would it be safe, then, to consider "interface definition" different from interface by using "prototype" as a term for that which is not part of a classes public methods and properties? I seem to recall Delphi using terminology like this for virtual classes and other I-types.

Isaac Rodriguez

Private properties and methods not exposed, are usually referred as implementation methods and properties. I have never seen them referred as prototypes, but I have not use Delphi extensively.


Hi, Mike
I have downloaded the sample code, and when I load the TinyRunner.dll, and I input the command described in the class of TinyRunnerCommands, I found that nothing happened. Then I set a break-point to check that whether the application go into the command-function, the result is that nothing happened.
Am I forgetting something?
Thank you for reading this question.

Isaac Rodriguez


Let me see if I understood you correctly. You use the 'NETLOAD' command to load TinyRunner.dll, and when you type the commands registered there, they are not being called?

What version of Visual Studio are you using?


Yes, exactly as you said. Sorry for not describing very clearly. :)
I am using the Visual Studio 2010 right now.
So what should I do?
Thank you very much.

Isaac Rodriguez


A couple of things to check. First, the provided code has been implemented with VS2008. If you have VS2008 available, I will try that first.

If you are using VS2010, I am assuming the solution and project files have been upgraded when you first loaded them in VS2010. There is chance that by default, VS2010 has modified the target framework of .NET 4.0. If you are trying to run the code in Civil 3D 2011, which I am assuming you are unless you are testing a Beta version of Civil 3D 2012, the DLL targeting .NET 4.0 won't load.

If this is the case, you have to go to the properties of every project in the solution and change the .NET framework target to .NET 3.5 (not .NET 3.5 Client Profile). This is done at the 'Application' tab of the project properties, where you will see a 'Target Framework' dropdown list. After you change the target for all the projects, you need to rebuild the solution and the resulting DLLs will be targeting the correct framework supported by Civil 3D 2011.

Let me know if that helps,

P.S. My latest post talks about setting your development environment for Civil 3D 2012. Check it out in case you are planning to upgrade.

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